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We invite you to experience swimming in running water!

Hydrospeed is a great recreational activity to discover the rivers and the beautiful landscapes of the region of Annecy.

Protected by your Hydrospeed, you’re heading easily between the obstacles to find your way.


Hydrospeed Activity Annecy

Hydrospeed in the Gorges

The course starts at Aime and finishes at Centron: 10 km through the most bucolic part of the Isère (45 min away from Lake Annecy). The program will combine the gorges of the Pucelle , the Pont...
Sport level required : Regular
appeal :

68.00 €

Hydrospeed sport Lake Annecy

Course of Hydrospeed

The course starts at Bellentre and finishes at Centron. Through 15 km you will discover the best course that you can experience on the Isère. At Bellentre in the rapids of Centron, you will dive...
Sport level required : Top
appeal :

78.00 €