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Seminar Urban Challenge

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Automn
  • Annecy
From 8 at 200
2:00 AM
Annecy centre
Accessible for all

A Savoyard adventure in the heart of Annecy

Here is a fun and gripping team-building challenge accessible to all, doable in all weathers, by day or by night. It’s a big hit!

If you stay in Annecy, you will be able to walk to the meeting place (the city hall).

One member of the team at least should have a smartphone (iphone or android).

Each team will receive a text message with a link attached which will allow them to access their route and a map thanks to which they will be geolocalised. They will be able to find their way through the city and to go to the diverse numbered steps.

The story begins as follows: “A thief has stolen a large part of the reblochons in the cheesemonger of Thônes”.

Teams will run after him, going through iconic places in Annecy.

Your co-workers will face riddles about the local culture, picture competition, and performing, and they will have to find the clues which will allow them to find the loot hiding place and the safe code.

They will have to use common sense, to think and to be creative!

They will also have to be charismatic and to use their communication skills in order to speak to passersby and storekeepers.

The team who finds the thief hiding place first and who has the right safe code to get the loop will be rewarded…

This sort of treasure hunt will end with a ranking and a prize-giving during a friendly drink in the Jardins de l'Europe, facing the lake (local fruit juices and farm reblochon).

Finally, you will be offered a little book about what you visited as a souvenir of this city-break in Annecy!



Thanks to our partnership with an Escape Game in Annecy, you have the possibility to add a 15-minute step of Escape Game! (as an option)

Or to do one hour of urban challenge (trials would be adapted) and one hour of Escape Game, that’s perfect when it rains! (as an option)

The seminar progress

- Welcoming in front of the city hall

- Team making and briefing

- The route sent in a text message on their smartphones

- 1 hour to 1:30 route, return in front of the city hall

- First ranking to determine which team will be the most priviledged for the final trial

- Last trial

- Ranking and prize-giving

- Friendly drink in the jardins de l'Europe, in front of the lake

Rate :

From 42.00 €

VAT non included (20%) that is calculated on the margin according to the French Tourism Code.

Supplement :

Optional Escape Game step: +15€

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