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Rafting Annecy

Intense sensations and emotions guaranteed aboard our rafts! We welcome you to our Rafting base closest to Annecy, located on the banks of the Isère river, in Savoie. Our talented and passionate rafting instructors will make this white water moment unforgettable and unique.


Rafting Family Centron Annecy

Rafting Gorges of Centron

The Gorges of Centron course offer a beautiful descent in the wildest part of the Isère river. It is an ideal course for beginners and families (children from 8 years) who want to have a first approach of this white water activity and have fun at the same time.
Sport level required : Moderate
appeal :

62.00 €

Rafting course near Annecy Lake

Isère Rafting Morning course

Leave for a shortened version of the full Isère rafting course: 12 km for a late morning departure, and a affordable price!
Sport level required : Moderate
appeal :

72.00 €

Rafting and nautic sports near Annecy

Rafting, the complete descent of Isere river

This is a beautiful descent with varied sceneries; ideal for beginners who, even if they have never done rafting before, want to have great sensations. The most experimented will have fun thanks to the duration and the variety of the rapids.
Sport level required : Moderate
appeal :

77.00 €

Rafting near Annecy

Intense Rafting Descent of Isère river

This is the intense version of the full descent of the Isère! A magnificent action-packed sports descent intended for those who always want more adrenaline and intensity!
Sport level required : Regular
appeal :

85.00 €

Rafting aventure extrême on the Doron River

Rafting Doron of Bozel

It is one of the most intense course of the French Alps, only for persons who have already practiced rafting, and enjoy strong sensations.
Sport level required : Regular
appeal :

88.00 €

Technical advanced rafting course on the Isère River near Annecy

Rafting Complete Mix - Doron

We propose you to combine the two greatest river rafting descents in the North Alps on the same afternoon. An exceptional program for an intense afternoon in the Tarentaise valley !
Sport level required : Top
appeal :

95.00 €

Why choose Rafting?

Rafting is an outdoor activity that combines adventure, teamwork and fun. It’s a great way to connect with nature, test your physical limits and share great moments with friends or family.

Here are some reasons why rafting is a must-do activity:

> Adrenaline Guaranteed: Take on the rapids and feel the thrill of adventure.

> Teamwork: Work together to navigate through stormy waters.

> Breathtaking Landscapes: Admire unique and preserved natural panoramas.

> Accessible to All: Courses adapted to all levels, from beginner to expert

Equipment needed:

We provide basic equipment:




Life vest

Neoprene wetsuits and booties

Consider bringing:

Change of clothes

Sun protection (sun cream, sunglasses)

Water and snacks

Observe safety instructions :

Listen carefully to the guides' instructions and follow all safety instructions. Rafting involves risks and it is crucial to remain vigilant.

The best times to go Rafting:

Spring and summer are ideal seasons for rafting, as water levels are generally higher thanks to melting snow and precipitation. However, some rivers can be enjoyed all year round. Always check weather and water conditions before heading out.

Tips for a successful experience:

Hydrate Well : Drink plenty of water before and after your descent.

Warm up: Prepare your body with a few warm-up exercises.

Stay Calm: If you fall into the water, try to stay calm and follow your guide's instructions.

Have fun: Enjoy every moment and create unforgettable memories

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