To answer all of your questions, the team is reachable from Mondays to Fridays 9am-12:30am and 2pm-5:30pm, and on Saturdays 9:30am-5pm !

Springboard bunjee jumping Annecy

Bungee jumping off a ramp : a revolution ! Come test this new concept which enables you to jump from a 50 meters high springboard over the empty space.

Great sensations guaranteed : alone, tandem, bike, sledge, almost everything is possible. 

Situated only 30 min away from Annecy! Come and jump !


Springboard bungee jumping with bike

Xtrem Bungee jumping

Come and try bungee jumping with a bike or a sled, on a 40m high jump ! This experience will give you unique sensations. Ideal for thrill seekers !
Sport level required : Not any
appeal :

75.00 €

Bungee Jumping Tandem Annecy

Tandem Bungee jumping

Too afraid to jump on your own? Jump with a friend ! With the tandem springboard bungee jumping, a maximum of two persons can jump together ! A sled will bring you two into the 40m high emptiness ! Adrenaline rush guaranteed !
Sport level required : Not any
appeal :

125.00 €

Why choose bungee jumping near Lake Annecy?

1- Exceptional natural setting: Jump near one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, in a mountain landscape that offers breathtaking views. The surrounding alpine panorama adds a spectacular dimension to the experience.

2- Memorable experience: Bungee jumping is an activity that provides an incomparable adrenaline rush, ideal for thrill seekers. The beautiful scenery and the intense experience of jumping create unforgettable memories.

3- Recognized jump site: Our local operator is very experienced and offers maximum safety.

Bungee jumping preparation

1- Equipment: You will be equipped with a safety harness that will be adjusted to your size.

2- Preparation for jumping: Once on the springboard, the elastic is attached to your harness. The team checks the bindings once again. Final instructions are given on the posture and timing of the jump.

3- Rebounds: After the initial jump, you will feel several rebounds before stabilizing. Once the rebounds are complete, the recovery team will safely drop you to the ground or onto a platform.

Practical Tips

> Dress: Wear comfortable clothing adapted to the weather

> Mental Readiness: Mentally prepare for the experience. Stay calm and follow team instructions.

> Hydration and Nutrition: Make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten something light before jumping.