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At Annecy Aventure, our mission is to create adventures in harmony with nature. This ecofriendly approach starts from your departure ! With a bike or by bus, many of our adventures nearby Annecy are accessible easily, with a very small environmental impact only. Make sustainable trips your first choice and opt for  low-impact ways of transportation !

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A cycling path allows you to move without any environmental impact, while enjoying an amazing view of the lake all the trip long.

Get on your bike and meet us! Don't forget rollerblades, skateboard, etc. or simply use your feet!

Discover our activities which are accessible thanks to the cycle path: Sailing, Scuba Diving, Yoga, Yoga Paddle,Canyoning, Paragliding & La Crique!


Bus AnnecyThree bus lines connect Annecy to different places around the lake.

Line 61 goes through the East bank of the lake (Annecy-Doussard), while lines 51 and 52 drive along the West bank (Annecy-Val de Chaise).

In Summer, seasonal lines are added!

Discover our activities which are accessible thanks to a bus: Sailing, Scuba Diving, Yoga, Yoga Paddle, Canyoning, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping & La Crique!

Informations complémentaires : 

Rent a bike in Annecy

Know more bus lines and timetable

How to get to Annecy? 

Get to Annecy by train or by bus, it is possible! It is a practicable option as the trainstation and the bus station (next to each other) are right in the town center.

By train, Annecy is only 4-hour away from Paris, 2-hour away from Lyon and Genève, 1:40 away from Grenoble, 1-hour away from Chambéry, and 50-minutes away from Aix-les-Bains.

Once you have arrived, Annecy (as a eco-friendly city) makes it easy for you to have access to unmotorized and green transportation. Choose to rent a bike (the Annecy inhabitants' favorite means of transport!) or an electric scooter, or make your way on foot. You can also decide to get on a city bus as the train station has a good transport links.

Think carpooling: a sustainable and convivial way to start the adventure!

Moving as a group: 

You need to plan your transportation as you are organising a seminar?

Rent a bike and go along the nice cycle path of Annecy Lake altogether! Or you can even choose to rent a sailboat.

A little bit less original, the bus is nonetheless an eco-friendly means of transport which will allow you to move through the city easily.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our outdoor activities and their accessibilty, or to book. We will be glad to advice you the best we can, and to help you in the organisation of your adventures!


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