Paragliding / Discovery training


Come and discover our intense training course of paragliding with a top method of learning.

All 2 day long you will practice the techniques to correctly fill your sail at the school slop and hop !

We will bring you the third day to fly!

Period: from March to November, Monday to Friday

Number of participants: from 1 7.

   minimum age : years
À partir de participants
Season : from may at october
Price :

384.00 €

Paragliding / Discovery training

Day 1 and 2

You will learn the flying techniques on the floor with the sail: exercise of inflating, technique to take off, before effectuate your first jumps and feeling your first flying emotions… the afternoon you will  receive theoretical lessons and learn how the use your equipment and discover the different site where you will go.

Paragliding / Discovery training

3rd Day and more ...

The fifth day you will effectuate you first flight alone! 2 instructors will guide you for the take off and the landing. They will communicate with you during all the flight thanks to a radio.

This afternoon you will receive other theoretical lessons to improve your techniques.

If you stay 5 days, you will alternate between theoretical lessons and exercise of inflating to improve the manipulation of your sail.

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