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Paragliding / Discovery training


Fly after 5 days ! 

Come discover our paragliding courses with a top-level teaching method! 2 days of school slope to practice inflation techniques, and presto! we will take you fly from the 3rd day! Period: from March to November, from Monday to Friday Number of participants: from 1 to 7 (minimum 3 participants)

Price: 620 euros for 5 days
The price includes the loan of all equipment, supervision by two state-certified instructors and shuttle trips.

   minimum age : years
From participants
Season : from may at october
Price :

650.00 €

Paragliding / Discovery training

Day 1 and 2

The first 2 mornings are devoted to exercises on the ground: presentation of your sail, exercises of inflation, techniques of takeoff, and already your first jumps of chip of the top of the slope school to discover the first sensations of flying... the afternoon is dedicated to the theory and presentation of your equipment (harness ...) and your future playgrounds (the different sites that you will use).

Paragliding / Discovery training

3rd Day and more ...

The 3rd day, we take you to put all this in practice by making you realize your first flight in solo! 

2 instructors assist you individually with the take-off and the landing and guide you by radio. 

In the afternoon: theory classes (aerology, approach techniques ...) and inflating exercises to improve the handling of your wing. 

The rest of your training alternates solo flights, theory classes (aerology, approach techniques ...) and inflation exercises to improve the handling of your wing. At the end of your training, an FFVL booklet validating your flights will be given to you. He is individual and will follow you throughout your learning.