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Seminar Raft builiding

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Automn
  • Aix les Bains
  • Chambéry
  • Annecy
From 12 at 100
2:00 AM
Depends on the chosen place
Easy to moderate

Raft building, THE Summer team-building activity

In our preserved La Crique site, on the edge of Annecy Lake, on your hotel’s beach, or even on the edge of another lake which is accessible in Savoie or Haute-Savoie, we give you the opportunity to live this challenging experience!

Teams will be made.

Each team will have to collect a maximum of points thanks to small and fun games of skill, logic, memory and speed trials… in order to establish a ranking which will determine the quantity of material you will have to build your raft! 

>>> Memory games, blind route with obstacles, ring throwing, badaboom, quiz…

Then, you will imagine and build your raft thanks to your furnished kits (planks, logs, floats, straps and ropes…). You will have to be clever! Each raft will be controlled by a professional before going on the water.


Finally, take your paddles! You will fight the other teams during a real race on the lake: line start and final ranking!

Motivation and team spirit will be keywords for this seminar activity.


Each participant will have to wear a lifejacket.

Sailing instructors will ensure safety on the lake during the race.


This team-building will end with a ranking and a prize-giving! (cups).


As an option, you can ask for a sweet Savoyard snack (local fruit juice, Savoie cake) or a salted one (country wine, cheese and local saucisson) to greatly conclude this seminar activity.

The seminar progress

- Welcoming, briefing, and team making with colour scarfs

- Optional: Challenges to collect the most material as possible

- Raft builing with the obtained material

- Esthetical and functional jugdement of rafts

- Launching and race organisation

- End of the race, ranking and prize-giving

Rate :

From 59.00 €

VAT non included (20%) that is calculated on the margin according to the French Tourism Code.

Supplement :

Challenges before the race: 10€/pers. Optional Savoyard snack

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