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Seminar Bow and arrow

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Automn
  • Winter
  • Aix les Bains
  • Chambéry
  • Annecy
From 10 at 100
1:00 AM
Depends of the chosen place
Accessible for all

Ready, aim, shoot!

Shooting activities allow to develop many skills such as concentration and effort consistency. They allow to test your co-workers’ dexterity and precision, which are significant assets for professionals who are willing to work on these particular topics!

Archery challenge, a team activity!

Archery can be practices outside, in the mountains, on a beach, or on your company’s ground. This challenge will begin after a little introduction to the activity… Which team will be the most precise and skilled?

Blowpipe shooting, the perfect activity for the aperitif!

Blowpipe shooting can be practiced inside (in a tepee, in a meeting room…) or outside (in the mountains, on a beach…). This activity can provide the entertainment for an apéritif before having meal for example. It is a relaxing moment for sharing through a game.


Why not Polynesian arrow throwing during the night?

Introduction to an ancestral throwing technique.

You can practice this activity outside. For this, you need a large ground.

We offer this activity in the Puisots and in the Semnoz near Annecy, or in the Revard near Aix-les-Bains and Chambéry, for examples.

It can be practiced by night with luminous arrows! Many activities and games are possible: distance, precision, speed…


All of these activities are supervised by qualified and passionate archery instructors who will give you good advice and safety rules.

No particular physical conditions are required; this Bow and Arrow seminar activity will please every level of practice.

The seminar progress

- Meeting at the decided place

- Instruction and demonstrations of the "weapons"

- Exercises and challenges

Rate :

Sur devis

VAT non included (20%) that is calculated on the margin according to the French Tourism Code.

Supplement :

Dinner and night in the mountains, return trip shuttle to the station

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