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Seminar Biathlon Running

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Automn
  • Aix les Bains
  • Chambéry
  • Annecy
From 20 at 150
2:00 AM
Depends on the chosen place

Biathlon, running version!

Biathlon running is a cross-country biathlon trial (running + shooting) practiced as a relay race on a 1-kilometre route.

In la Crique, on the edge of Annecy’s Lake, or in the mountains, in the Bauges Massif (Puisots, Semnoz, Revard), we create a route with fun obstacles which ends with a 10-metre shooting range for you.

Of course, we will begin with a discovery of the route and a rifle shooting initiation.

Then, your goal will be to perform the route the fastest as you can and to aim at 5 biathlon targets thanks to compressed air rifles at your disposal, and finally you will have to pass the baton to your teammate.

The team who makes the largest numbers of tours within the allotted time is the winner! You will have to call on speed and precision.

Effort management during the race, concentration and self-control during the shooting, team spirit… A good exercise for your co-workers which could be useful for usual work too.

This seminar activity will be filled with emotions then! Not forgetting that you will have fun thanks to the ultra-friendly atmosphere which we are used to implement.

We will end with the ranking and the prize-giving! (a cup for the best team).

The seminar progress

- Reception and team making

- Discovery of the route and rifle shooting initiation

- Team challenges

- Ranking and prize-giving

Rate :

From 79.00 €

VAT non included (20%) that is calculated on the margin according to the French Tourism Code.

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