Optimist's courses from 8 to 11


This summer, we offer a full and complete internship, ideal to learn the basics. From initiation to improvement, kids will practice their firsts sailing manoeuvres aboard an optimist. They should prepare their own boat, and will become more and more independent along the internship.  


Chaussures obligatoires : vieilles baskets ou chaussons de voile
Short de bains, T-shirt, pull
Veste coupe vent (K-Way)
Une tenue de rechange complète
Crème solaire
Lunette de soleil , pour les enfants qui ont des lunettes de vue, il faut les attacher. (cordon, ficelle).

   minimum age : 8 years
From 10 participants
Season : from july to august
Price :

122.00 €


Base Nautique
134 Route du Port