Seminar Kohlantalloires

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From 10 to 90
2:30 AM
Base Acro'aventures à Planfait (hauteurs de Talloires)

Form your tribe, find a name, a dance, a song and elect your leader... it's time for 2h30 of tests, puzzles and crazy challenges! You will have to be clever, creative or handy, to beat the opposing team during unusual challenges. 

Strategy, team spirit and cohesion will make you great competitors ...

Le déroulé of the seminar

- Briefing and challenge presentation

- Making different team

- Activities

- Picnic / Rewards, in option

Rate :

From 50.00 €

Les tarifs s'entendent en HT, avec une TVA à 20% applicable sur la marge.

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Récompenses / Pique-Nique

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