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De 8 at 150
2:00 AM
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Iphone paper chase, and original way to discover the city

It's a real challenge that we offer you where you will have to make work together your team spirit, rapidity and reflexion. You will try your sense of direction and your logical mind with this new paper chase !

All this in a wonderful landscape where you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the old town.
We will build some teams. You will have to find a hiden treasure.
With an Iphone and a road book, you will go through the city searching for some clues which will allow you to find the treasure. You will have to be fast, the timer will be your enemy and the good cohesion in your team will be your partner !

Le déroulé du séminaire

* Welcoming, briefing and distribution of the equipment (Iphone, road book)
* Paper chase
* Discovery of the treasure

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