Séminaire Escape Room

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  • Annecy
De 6 at 24
1:00 AM
Depends on the chosen place
Accessible for all

Une activité innovante qui favorise la cohésion d'équipe !

Per team, locked in a room with a themed setting, full of different objects, you have 1 hour to escape by solving a serie of mysteries.

No physical competence or special knowledge is requested. Excavation, observation, logic and team spirit will be the keys to escape the room on time !!!

Le déroulé of the seminar

- Welcoming
- Teams are made and put in one or different rooms
- Activity (an hour)
-Snack (option)

Rate :

À partir de 30.00 €

Les tarifs s'entendent en HT, avec une TVA à 20% applicable sur la marge.

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